Monday, December 15, 2008

My day...

Well... let's start with Saturday.

Saturday I woke up around 6am for my breakfast bottle, then went straight back to sleep. I slept until my lunchtime bottle. After that, we went to have brunch (more like lunch-dinner) and coffee with my God Father Phil. Afterwards, we took a walk around the mall and went home. After I got home, I was raising hell for my Momma. Then took a bath, had my night cap (night bottle) and didn't wake up until Sunday morning.

I woke up around 6ish am on Sunday morning and had my morning bottle. After that yummy morning bottle, I went back to the sack for a few hours. I woke up to go watch my family eat breakfast together... as soon as they were done with their breakfast, it was my in between bottle (breakfast and lunch, brunch I guess). I took a nap til 230 in the afternoon. After my nap, I had another bottle (the one before my night cap), my grandma decided to take me out for a walk and a visit to my new little cousin. But I raised hell again, terrorized my grandma and great aunties!!! I cried ruthlessly!!! Then I went home to play a little, took a bath and terrorized my Momma too!!! I was tired... so I went to sleep at around 530pm. I got hungry and woke up for my night cap at 7pm... then I slept til the next morning.

I woke up around 6am again!!! This time, I had my morning bottle then played til I was cranky, around 830am when my Daddy had to rush to work!!! I slept til 930... I played even more after. Then had a bottle at 1030am... took a nap right away til 215pm. What a wonderful nap... after my nap, I had my afternoon bottle. My Momma burped me, put on some more clothes and took me to Breeze Center Shopping mall to have a late lunch with God Father Phil. I played and played... played some more, got pushed around in my stroller... saw lots of people. Then went home. As soon as I got home, Grandma played with me some more until 630p... I was hungry, again. Momma fed me my night cap... as soon as I finished, I was out like a light. I'm going to sleep til tomorrow morning and wake up to see my Daddie so we can have a chat and play together.

It's so great being a baby!

I think I let my Momma have it easy :&

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hi All -

I get a little sad every night watching Madi sleep... she's growing way too fast for me! A few months ago, she was so helpless and needy, now she plays on her own and she's a bit more mobile, being able to roll around on her own.

What's next... she'll be eating by herself, she'll stop peeing in her pants and she won't need me anymore! Well... not that soon. I love hanging out with her everyday... when she's not around, I'm thinking about her. Eek... sounds like separation anxiety already.

Madi is already sitting up supported, eating apples and playing with her toys. She's a BIG girl now... but still a little baby. After being a mom, it gives me a whole new outlook of things and makes me appreciate my mommie and daddie way more!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hi All -

It feels like forever since I've blogged and it has!

I finally threw in the towel and cooked Madi some homemade baby food. I made APPLESAUCE... No, you don't just blend it. You have to cut it up, remove the core, steam it and then blend it. I tasted it and it was sooooo yum... but Madi would just spit it out and smile at me... until last week, she started to like Applesauce and baby cereal. I thought she'd never start on solids, ever. Feeding her solids isn't as fun as I thought it would be. I would feed her using 2 bibs and a washcloth. But I gave up, I would just let her get messy then bathtime. Hopefully, she'll be eating more people food soon...

Madi is 5 months old, finally. She is an attention whore... it irritates her when I'm not paying attention. What I mean by that - it's not enough that we're in the same room, I have to remain eye contact with her at ALL TIMES. She's always starving for more attention - BLOOD SUCKER!!! If she's not in my arms, she's either in her swing, jumperoo, bouncer seat or on the mat rolling around.

I love it that she is ALWAYS in GOOD spirits. She's almost ALWAYS smiling, especially when I smile at her, she smiles back at me! Like anyone else, she does have her off moments. She's always in her greatest mood when she wakes up from her sleep. I'm happy she's happy.

Gosh, lugging Madi around is getting heavy. She's like a sack of potatoes, HEAVY. My arms feel lik
e they're getting a work out... but where are the muscles???

Saturday, November 15, 2008

chatting it up...

Baby Madi has been super chatty lately... gibbering and jabbering non stop. It was cute in the beginning, but it's still cute (I mean it!). She can tummy roll and back roll, she's mastering it all. Madi just needs to learn how to sit, walk, talk and feed herself.

The weather kinda cooled down, so I dress her in leg warmers since I forgot to buy her pants... oopsy, SORRY! Pants are overrated anyway.

She started solids, bananas. I make homemade baby food now. I blend the bananas in the blender and add some formula so it isn't so thick - she seems to love it so far. Cereal, not so much. Though, I try to
sneak some in her bananas. Spoon feeding her is a challenge, she likes to spit it back out w/her tongue and smile back at me - how could I lash out on her?

Madi really enjoys bathtime with mommie. She likes to kick in the water and catch the bubbles floating around her tub. It's funny because I give her three rubber duckies and the bubbles seems to amuze her more! I started to put her in her jumperoo, she figured it out and loves it. The only toys that she seems to be interested in are toys that can fit in her mouth. She would do a toy-check... take the toy and try to shove it in her mouth, if it goes in, she loves... if not, she won't look at it again.

First contact

Direct link here.

First bath

Direct link here.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Roll, Roll, Roll over

Hi Everyone!

Madi is doing great so far. She just mastered tummy rolling - but she can't roll from her back to her tummy. Sometimes, she gets stuck from rolling from her tummy and starts crying bc she's pissed! She started rolling around on Oct. 23, a little shy of 4 months old. People kept asking me if she can flip over yet... I started practicing everyday w/her, flipping
over and back. Gosh, I bet I am super overbearing in her eyes! Oh well... I'm the BOSS!

She's doing great... Madi is the happiest baby! She smiles at me all the time, especially when I make kissing noises and motions, she squirms ~ she is too cute and I'm not saying that just bc she's my sunshine! She probably thinks her names is so cute already :p okie, I'll stop now!!!

She is a total porker now. Hrmm... her bottle is 200ml per 4 hours, 4 bottles a day. Why so little? bc she sleeps during the rest of the time, YES... I mean, she's sleeping from 7am to 7pm. We tried waking her to feed her some more - BIG MISTAKE. She either gets pissed off and try to go back to sleep or she'll want to play.

On Sunday, we'll taking her to her 4 month pediatrician appointment, which means more shots!!! This time, we'll bring the camcorder. Madi is actually a trooper, she'll cry for 5 seconds and act as if nothing happened, as long as she's getting those kisses from Mommie and Daddie.

I've been training her how to sit on her own. For now, I'm using a pillow to prop her up. It's funny bc she'll start sliding and end up in a really strange position. Makes me laugh everytime...

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Baby Madi has reached another milestone! She can lay on her tummy and lift her head up w/her arms and peek at what her Mommie is doing. Mommie is usually ducking and hiding out so she won't get spotted by Madi.

Baby Madi is a little over 100 days old. She enjoys socializing w/bed buddies - the Inch Worm-ie, Jacques the peacock and Mortimer the moose. She loves her Inch Worm-ie most. When she wakes up in the morning, she's usually jibber jabbering with Worm-ie. When she's done talking to Worm-ie, she kicks Worm-ie then cries when she gets bored! At that point, either Mommie or Daddie entertains Madi. Talk about high maintenance!!!

Madi's Mommie is soooo tired from wearing Madi w/the Baby Bjorn. Madi goes where Mommie goes!!!

We are so excited to see Grandpa Thach... 11 days left! I bet he has many presents for Madi and Mommie!!!

The very top picture is Madi, who looks like Uncle Aaron. The one below it, Daddie wearing Madi. The one beneath that is 'Madi drop kicking Inch Worm-ie,' she's saying 'Imma kick you in the head!' And the last picture is Madi with Mommie.

Peace, Madi

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hi All -

It's been a while since I've blogged. A lot has been going on... Baby Madison had her first cold... well, minus the fever - sniffles and cough. Her cough went away within 3 days, but she had sniffles for an entire week. I got to use my nasal aspirator to pump out all the mucous in her nose. She hated it soooooo much, she would cry and whine... I'm so glad the sniffles are gone.

Her sleeping habits are great. She's been sleeping through the night on her own at 5 weeks... she sleeps from 9p to 8a now, we are very lucky!!! She is BIG TIME FINGER EATER... we can hear her sucking on her fingers while she is falling asleep, it's tooooo cute...

Bath time with Baby Madison is fun for both of us... I love to bathe her, she loves to be bathed. She is starting to become so heavy that I can't wear her anymore... she absolutely LOVES being in her 'Baby Bjorn.' She's outgrowing her clothes and eating like a piggy.

Madison is crying a lot less now. She loves to interact with anyone who'll talk to her, eve her inch worm that plays classical music, hehe. She is funny, she tries to talk to her inch worm. I hold her a lot less now, she enjoys to lean against a pillow so we can 'talk.' She still talks to Daddie in the morning - when Daddie is ignoring Madison, she smiles and coos at Daddie to get his attention, but the moment she's done playing, she'll cry... Poor Daddie :p

She's sooooo amazed when grandpa or grandma calls from SF. She stares at the telephone wondering where the other person is??? Madison is very excited when the phone is in front of her, she is always trying to talk back!

We are still visiting Daddie's work for lunches every other Tuesday. Baby Madison LOVES the attention from everybody. She probably thinks her name is 'Sooooo Cute,' since it's all she hears.

Madison LOVES to smile at the camera... she's sooooo vain.

We are all so excited to see Grandpa Thach in 19 days, YAY!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

children's rhymes are soooo violent

I've been playing children's music for Baby Madi everyday; she enjoys having music on while she is falling asleep.

After listening to baa baa black sheep a few hundred times, I noticed that there were some very violent rhymes...

Goosey Goosey Gander

Goosey Goosey Gander,
Whither shall I wander?
Upstairs and downstairs
And in my Lady's chamber.
There I met an old man
Who wouldn't say his prayers,
So I took him by his left leg
And threw him down the stairs.

The stairs went "crack"
He broke his back
And all the little ducks went "quack, quack, quack"

Michael Finnegan

There was an old man named Michael Finnegan
He had whiskers on his chin-igan
They grew out and they grew in-igan
Poor old Michael Finnegan! Begin again...

There was an old man named Michael Finnegan
He went fishing with a pin-again
Caught a fish and threw it in-again
Poor old Michael Finnegan! Begin again...

There was an old man named Michael Finnegan
He grew fat and then grew thin-again
Then he died and had to begin again-
Poor old Michael Finnegan! Begin again...

Monday, September 1, 2008

happy 2 month birthday

I am finally 2 months old, YAY!!!

It's been the best 2 months so far... amazingly tiring.

Baby Madi is finally on a schedule... her formula intake has increased again. She's guzzling down 120cc/ml per 3-4 hours, 140cc/ml nighttime bottle. She sleeps at an average of 9 hours in the evening(without waking up for feedings) and naps at average of 5 hours during the day. She's asleep for about 14 hours and awake 10 hours throughout the day. What a PIGGGGGYY!!!

Every time I look at Baby Madi, I know we did the right thing. She completes our life as a family; she fills the empty-ness in my heart when I miss home. Being her Mommie just feels right, like there is not a single doubt. The creepy thing is that when I am not with her(which I am 22 out of 24 hours of the day), I miss her. If that's not LOVE, I don't know what is!!! Oh gosh, I am sooooo gushy. Yeah, this is unconditional LOVE.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dynacolor Rocks...

Not only does Madison have a very super loving family... she has a group of Dynacolor Aunties and Uncles that love her soooooooo much. Thank you so much for the diapers and care (THE BIG FAT RED ENVELOPE)... **kisses**

Your cakes are on the way... **sorry for the delay**

Baby Madi goes through 8-10 diapers a day and she consumes a can of formula (400cc/ml) per 3 days...

Grand Baby...

Madison has robbed my addiction to shopping. The thought of going to a shopping mall or department store gives me goosebumps... a screaming baby at SOGO = totally not cool... it's like she's telling me not to spend any money. What a brat...

So far she's been eating well and sleeping well. Madison eats 100cc/ml every 3 hours, 120cc/ml before bedtime. She sleeps from 9pm to 5am; she started sleeping through the night without waking up at 6 weeks. Bravo!!!

Madison with her grandma's (mommie's mom) and great grandma... she's the first grandbaby!!

(Grandma #1 = Daddie's Mommie, Grandma #2 = Mommie's Mommie, Great Grandma, Madison)

It was nice having my mommie visit from San Francisco, CA. When Madison woke up at 5am, my mom was helping me watch and feed Madison... she is very loving and caring. I'm glad she was able to visit! San Francisco Grandpa and Uncle Aaron will be visiting, I am more excited than Madison...

finger eater...

Here is picture of her sucking on her thumb on her own...

On the bottom is a picture of Madison in her stroller...

It's so embarassing to have a crying baby in a shopping mall!!! Cry babies aren't welcomed... she was wailing so hard and loud that people came over to look at us, like I was hitting her. Urghh...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Here is one satisfied customer! She's like this after her meals... PIGGGGG!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Sometime in December or January my doctor told me that Baby Madi was a boy. When I came back from San Francisco in March, the doctor told me that our baby boy was in fact a baby girl. Thanks for nothing... I bought soooooo many boy clothes, I guess it came in handy for playtime.

Baby Madi does make a pretty good looking boy, a little sissy-ish.

Baby Madi is totally on Dad's team... a total Daddie's girl. Baby Madi enjoys playing with Mommie and Daddie... and watching Daddie play NBA 2k8 on his xbox, NOT!!!

Everyone keeps asking me what I am feeding her bc she's soooooo chubby. We call her chubby chaser or Chubster. She has very pinch-able cheeks!!! No doubt about it... she beginning to look more and more like her Mommie. Her Mommie looked like a boy, once upon a time ago...

There are more and newer pics of Baby Madi in this photostream...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Pass... gas

Baby Madi is 6 weeks old now... feels like forever before she walks and talks. She's different everyday; just like how I love, her, it flucuates everyday - it's different everday. I do love her to bits and pieces. I know that Daddie loves her more than anything in the world... the way he looks at her, the way he loves her!

That blue sock monkey is Small Paul Frank. They're BFF's - best friends forever!

Baby Madi is a funny baby... she sometimes sleeps and naps on our bed and we hear her farting... Dave and I just look at each other! This little baby is something...

The very bottom picture is Baby Madi's ritual. Her and Daddie have their morning conversations before he rushes to work in traffic.

All I can say is that her Daddie loves her sooooooooo much that words don't quite express it well enough. She has a grandma and grandpa that loves her sooooooooo much, a great grandma that says 'Hello, little baby' (in Chinese) to her everyday, reminding her that Grandma from San Francisco is visiting soon...

San Francisco Grandpa is visiting in October... Uncle Aaron and Aunt Lori is visiting during Christmas. She also has lots of family in San Francisco who hasn't met her yet, but they're already crazy about her!!! She also has an aunt, uncle and two silly cousins in Houston, TX who are crazy about her!!! *angel, too!!! What a lucky baby she is...

Oh yeah, a Mommie that loves her soooooooo much. She's beginning to look more and more like her Mommie!!! *snip* - says Daddie.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

5ish weeks and counting...

Baby Madi is becoming a big ball of cuteness!!! I think she's eating too well... her cheeks are getting so big and already pinch-able. My arms are getting tired from holding her and carrying her around...

Baby Madi's grandma (Mommie's Mommy) will be visiting on August 26... 13 days left. Baby Madi is so lucky to have grandma spoil the crap out of her. Pssss... there's a baby swing in grandma's luggage (Mommie needs to rest her arms)!

She's different everyday... anything new she does, I am sooooo amazed. She started to smile on her own, non stop sometimes. She looks extra goofy. Her eyes look extra small because of the fat squeezing her face. She is starting to look exactly like Mommie!!! Daddie is sooooooo jealous...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Baby Madi!

It was her 1 month birthday on Saturday! She had so much fun. Her Daddie's co-workers came over to see her. She received many wonderful presents and cases of diapers, which her Mommie and Daddie are so thankful for!!! She's a pooper trooper...

In the evening, we celebrated Baby Madi's 1 month with family!!! Grandma cooked so many different kinds of food. Lots of aunties and uncles came over to see Baby Madi on her special day!!

Today was Mommie and Baby Madi's first outing together. We ran errands in the morning and had some coffee at Dante by Daddie's workplace. We stopped by at Daddie's workplace to meet everybody. She was so happy to see so many people. Afterwards, we had some lunch together, went back to the workplace to see more people, went home and Mommie took a bath for Baby Madi.

Don't be fooled by her innocent and angelic face because she's all 'EVIL.' She keeps her Mommie and Daddie up at night. She wails when she's not being picked up or when she's hungry. She also digs her fingernails into her face too!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Baby Madi sleeps like a tree frog. She is all about 'Spread Eagle.' She's so small, cute and tiny - she can snore pretty loud, just like her Daddie!!!

Baby Madi's cheeks are beginning to get chubby - very pinch-able. She is starting to smile more and more. I can't wait til she starts laughing and giggling. When she starts walking and talking back to me. Oh God...

Last night was an all time record, she slept for a little over 4 hours!!! She was fed 4 ounces before bed time, what a piggy!!! She started off only drinking an ounce the first week, 2 ounces the second week and 3 ounces now. She's growing so fast...

Finally, I am starting to look like myself again. While I was preggy, I looked hideous. My face was sooooooo big and bloated, it looked like the moon. Somehow, I looked very different from now, which is a very good thing. As for the rest of my body, it's all flabby and wriggly. I guess I just need to take it one day at a time. Hopefully I will shrink back to my pre-pregnancy body again. Otherwise, I'm just going to have to buy more clothes. NO, I am not giving away ANY clothes I currently cannot fit.