Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hi All -

I get a little sad every night watching Madi sleep... she's growing way too fast for me! A few months ago, she was so helpless and needy, now she plays on her own and she's a bit more mobile, being able to roll around on her own.

What's next... she'll be eating by herself, she'll stop peeing in her pants and she won't need me anymore! Well... not that soon. I love hanging out with her everyday... when she's not around, I'm thinking about her. Eek... sounds like separation anxiety already.

Madi is already sitting up supported, eating apples and playing with her toys. She's a BIG girl now... but still a little baby. After being a mom, it gives me a whole new outlook of things and makes me appreciate my mommie and daddie way more!!!

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