Friday, October 31, 2008

Roll, Roll, Roll over

Hi Everyone!

Madi is doing great so far. She just mastered tummy rolling - but she can't roll from her back to her tummy. Sometimes, she gets stuck from rolling from her tummy and starts crying bc she's pissed! She started rolling around on Oct. 23, a little shy of 4 months old. People kept asking me if she can flip over yet... I started practicing everyday w/her, flipping
over and back. Gosh, I bet I am super overbearing in her eyes! Oh well... I'm the BOSS!

She's doing great... Madi is the happiest baby! She smiles at me all the time, especially when I make kissing noises and motions, she squirms ~ she is too cute and I'm not saying that just bc she's my sunshine! She probably thinks her names is so cute already :p okie, I'll stop now!!!

She is a total porker now. Hrmm... her bottle is 200ml per 4 hours, 4 bottles a day. Why so little? bc she sleeps during the rest of the time, YES... I mean, she's sleeping from 7am to 7pm. We tried waking her to feed her some more - BIG MISTAKE. She either gets pissed off and try to go back to sleep or she'll want to play.

On Sunday, we'll taking her to her 4 month pediatrician appointment, which means more shots!!! This time, we'll bring the camcorder. Madi is actually a trooper, she'll cry for 5 seconds and act as if nothing happened, as long as she's getting those kisses from Mommie and Daddie.

I've been training her how to sit on her own. For now, I'm using a pillow to prop her up. It's funny bc she'll start sliding and end up in a really strange position. Makes me laugh everytime...

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